The real wine speaks somewhat of itself,
more about its origins and the environment of creation,
and most about the person who created it.


CONSUL Winery uses modern knowledge and expert insights which are combined with traditional techniques.

The occupations of winemakers and cellarmen create art in the cellar.


CONSUL use the oak barrels of the Italian manufacturer Garbellotto which give the wine the right aroma, and tannins provide an appropriate structure and creamy texture. Locally famous wood, Slavonian oak, is the lumber base for production of barique barrels.


The duration of wine aging in the oak barrels lasts for full 18 months.

Then, the filling follows, and the bottles are retained in the cellar for a further 15 months.

CONSUL appreciates other successful practices, accompanies and combines the various dreams incurred in the lives of the world’s great winemakers, who always have their great loves, disappointments, a multitude of natural muses and professional joys. The joy of winemakers is always associated with the fertile year and fertile vines.

CONSUL in its region encourages viticultural inspiration and the culture of wine production and wants to encourage further development of rural areas.


CONSUL Vinery is oriented towards production of top quality wine.

CONSUL combines Central European culture of winemaking, which is particularly widespread along the fertile banks of Danube River and encompasses Croatian regions Slavonia, Baranja and Srijem. Since prehistoric times, Croatia has been a place where the European continental belt permeates the mediterranean area, and therefore Croatian wines have a great diversity and quality.

Croatian winemakers produce good wines in Europe and in their homeland, but they are very successful and recognized worldwide, like Grgić in the California Napa Valley, Babich in New Zealand and the family Lukšić in Chile.

CONSUL, through its grapes and wine, combines local advantages such as a mild climate and fertile soil with Roman tradition, old production methods which reach the time of the Roman governance of the Panonia province.

CONSUL’s quality is also based on centuries-old wine production tradition in the Pozega valley. The first cellar in Kutjevo was founded in 1232, and it is the oldest wine cellar in southeast Europe. Historical heritage adds constant inspiration to global values.

VALLIS AUREA (Golden Valley) is one of the most famous wine-growing areas of this part of Europe and the wine hills Kutjevo carries a prestigious designation of geographical origin in the wine region of Slavonia and Danube.