Main vineyard occupies an area of 12 hectares in one piece, and smaller plots are located on the surrounding slopes. The vineyard spreads over the  entire hill and descends its wide rows all the way to the creek and the pond, which are surrounding it.


On average, the vineyards are 10-20 years old and are planted on the outskirts of the Pozega Valley, right on the hills that were cultivated by the Romans.


The vineyard is incorporated into a natural hilly environment with an all day long exposure to the Sun, and blends with the greenery of the forest on the slopes of the mountain Krndija, which nourishes it with its humidity and breezes, but also preserves it from bad weather and unpredictable storms.


Traditional methods are inclined to an organic approach, without the excessive use of chemicals, which ensures high quality and desirable levels of sugar.


In its function, the hilly environment remained unchanged since Roman times, because on the Kutjevo land the vine is the most abundant and rewarding culture. From September, when the harvest is finished, the vineyard rests, resting until the January day of St. Vincent, when the new season works start.

Sustainability and biological approach

Climate change affects all sectors, and sustainability becomes the key word in any business. CONSUL supports global efforts to reduce pollution and emissions. Winery pays special attention to the choice of equipment and machines, therefore it mostly uses wooden pillars. In planting, local resources and careful selection of local varieties are used. A lot of hand work and top-notch vineyard care, as well as biological cultivation, result in the best grape and the best wine.


The large area of the vineyard represents a significant source of biodiversity and is a permanent home to numerous insects, butterflies, bees, birds, eagles, rabbits and mice. The vineyard gives abundant fruits and nourishes the numerous community of its own fauna, which is situated in nearby grasslands
and groves.

Wine area Kutjevo

Traditionally cultivates local species-Graševina, but also all known species from Bordeaux. CONSUL combines local habits with modern world innovations. Improvements in wine production are daily goal.

Types of wine


Moderate climate helps with the cultivation. It stimulates and emphasizes the fertility of the soil, which, with the use of natural fertilizers, regularly ensures the abundant quality of grapes.

Very carefully hoarding each vine, we choose and cherish every grape. This phase ends with manual picking, careful disposal in containers and shipment of grapes to processing.

Moments in the Vineyard

Beautiful adventures with wine production actually always start at the vineyard.
Usually unconsciously and fast, right in the vineyard, person takes on the enduring intoxication of the scents of leaves, forms of vines and colors of grapes.